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Top brand marketers and lead merchandising professionals understand that attractive millwork plays a vital role in creating the image associated with your company.  Sharply designed inventory display cases, customer service desks, wall units, and decorative paneling are critical to create a first impression that will draw consumers into your business and enhance the desirability of your products.

 At CMP Manufacturing we want this impression to be lasting. We believe that cabinetry and millwork should be a long term investment. The last thing you need to worry about is the longevity of your merchandising hardware. Our commitment to quality, dedication to detail, and highest standard manufacturing processes ensure that you never have to. You can rest knowing that your millwork has been crafted with the utmost care to guarantee the highest degree of function and durability possible.


We also love creativity and can produce eye catching designs that compliment your unique and amazing products using any type building substrate including: glass, metal, wood, plastic or synthetic sheet goods. So challenge us!!

For ideas and inspiration, or to view our superior quality sheet good products, please click below to visit our supplier’s websites.


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