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Cabinets and Millwork in institutions need to be able to withstand a heightened amount of wear and tear. Students, employees and the public often don't take care when using facilities and this can lead to significant amounts of damage in short amounts of time. 

At CMP we anticipate this and build accordingly. 

Our designs are always intended for extremely heavy use and crafted to withstand the daily rigors of institutional life. We only use superior quality building materials and a detailed construction process to ensure the longevity of your investment. The result is a product that is as resilient as it is beautiful. 

Cabinet Specs

-Blum under mount, soft close for all drawers.

-Full 5/8” construction an all boxes and drawers.

-Choice of premium 40 density melamine or real birch for   drawers and boxes.  

-1.0 mm banding (as opposed to the commonly used 0.5   mm)

-Full tenon construction (No dowels)

-Integrated toe extends all the way to the floor.

- 5/8” full cabinet construction.

-No set or generic box or drawer sizes.

-All gable bottoms are sealed and water tight to avoid expansion if accidentally exposed to water, ie flooded sink.

To view our superior quality sheet good products, please click below to visit our supplier’s websites.

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